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The Flavor Experience

Here at Queen of Flavor, we are committed to creating captivating dessert experiences with simple ingredients, sophisticated flavors, and most importantly, a smile.


Let's work together! Check out our services below.

Virtual and In Person Baking Experiences

Schedule a date with Queen of Flavor! We are now offering private and semi-private baking experiences.

Virtual Bake Along

The Bake Along is a 1.5-hour virtual experience with Chef Lasheeda. A minimum of 8 guests are required per group and ingredients are not provided.

See below for additional services provided.

Live Demo

In a 1-hour live demo, Chef Lasheeda will demonstrate how to perfect a dessert of your choice. No guest minimum is required. Flat rate.

In-Person Classes

For the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area ONLY, Chef Lasheeda is offering in-person classes. Please email Queen of Flavor for more information.

Additional Services for the Virtual Bake Along Include

  • Purchasing, measuring, and shipping of non-perishable ingredients to each guest

  • Placing an Instacart order for each guest to receive all ingredients needed 24 - 48 hours in advance of the class

  • Order of Chef Lasheeda's cookies shipped to each guest

Virtual and In Person Baking Experieces

Interim Pastry Chef

Are you looking for someone to join your team? Queen of Flavor takes pride in working with restaurants, hotels, and more to deliver quality, innovative, and exciting pastries to guests and staff. 

Interim Pastry Chef

Brand Consulting

Our greatest ambition is to provide exceptional pastries to clients and superior consulting services to businesses using cutting-edge techniques, pure ingredients, and unprecedented experience. Let us help you make your next project a piece of cake! We can expertly advise you with everything from revamping your menu to helping you design and execute your dream dessert for a special client event. 

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