The Flavor Experience


Here at Queen of Flavor, we are committed to creating captivating dessert experiences with simple ingredients, sophisticated flavors, and most importantly, a smile.


Let's Work Together

Interim Pastry Chef

Are you in need of a temporary pastry chef?  Whether it's a restaurant, hotel, or pop-up the Queen of Flavor would love to  assist.

Brand Consulting

Let us help you make your next project a piece of cake! We can expertly advise you with everything from revamping your restaurant’s menu to helping you design and execute your dream dessert for a special client event.

Now offering private virtual baking classes. Want to learn how to bake in the comfort of your home?  Or, are you ready for a virtual baking date?  No problem!  For class topics and a quote email us at hello@lasheedaperry.com

Virtual Baking 



Our greatest ambition is to provide exceptional pastries to clients and superior consulting services to businesses using cutting edge techniques, pure ingredients, and unprecedented experience.